Why are Floor Sticker safety ratings important?

Often floor graphics are supplied to public places such as hospitals and schools, where floor products must comply with the legal anti-slip floor safety ratings. For this reason, all of the floor stickers we produce are certified products ensuring the highest level of safety to you and your customers.

We offer three types of floor graphics which all offer a different level of safety rating, below find an outline to our products, this can also be used as a guide to finding which floor stickers will be best for you:
- R11 Data Sheet PDF  - R12 Data Sheet PDF 

Indoor/ Short Term

Our indoor short term stickers are ideal for events and exhibitions, lasting up to one month (Subject to pedestrian footfall)Printed on a peelable non-slip vinyl, These products have an Non-Slip Safety Rating according to DIN 51130 and BS 7976-2:2002 Pendulum Test for slip resistance.

Uses – Inside floor signage, Marketing, directing pedestrian foot traffic, floor artwork, decorations, unique self-promotion. 
Places - play areas, event fairs/ shows, museums, shop floor advertisements.


Indoor / Outdoor

This floor sticker can be printed with a peelable or permanent non slip vinyl depending on the area of use.  Ideal as a long term internal floor graphic or for short term external use (up to 6 months, depending on the amount of foot traffic) Supplied with a non-slip coating with an R11 Class Safety Rating. Rated to DIN 51130 and BGR 181 anti-slip group R11. Fire Rating IS03795: 1989. This product is Scratch and Water Resistant.

Uses – Inside or outside floor signage, marketing, directing pedestrian foot traffic, health and safety warnings, event/ party decorations, floor artwork, unique self-promotion.
Places – children’s play areas, event fairs/ shows, museums, shop floor advertisements, hospitals, schools, universities, corridors, factory, nursery, GP surgeries, veterinary practices, exit routes, shopping centre/ shop floor advertisements.


Outdoor Long Term

Supplied on an R12 Safety Rated Permanent Vinyl, intended for long term use in external areas (Up to 12 months, subject to pedestrian foot traffic) Our highest safety product with an R12 Slip Resistance and certified to DIN 51130; fire rated according to DIN EN- 13501-1. Floor Graphics can be applied to almost all outdoor floor types including: Asphalt, Paving Stones and Concrete.

Uses - Outdoor floor signage, directing foot traffic, floor artwork, decorations, unique self-promotion.
Places - play grounds, car parks, leading to entrances, stairs, street paving, customer areas.  (See more information on R12)

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