Beforehand, please ensure that the floor is clean, dry and dust free.

Tools required: Soft lint cloth and domestic hair dryer

  • Step 1: Position the floor graphic on the floor until you are happy with its location. Make sure that the edges of the graphic don't finish along a floor joint
  • Step 2: Once you are happy with the position of the graphic; don't remove all of the backing paper, stop at the halfway point and fold it over
  • Step 3: Turn the graphic back over and reposition it in the location that you desire. Place the adhesive on the floor, but don't smooth it out
  • Step 4: Using your cloth, work from the centre of the graphic that you've removed the backing paper from and make firm outward strokes. Make sure to overlap each stroke making sure not to trap any pockets of air. At this point you may find it necessary to warm the graphic with the hair dryer to soften the vinyl, this allows it to follow the contour of the flooring; be careful not to damage the vinyl.
  • Step 5: Now that the first half of the graphic is adhered to the floor, you can now begin to slowly start to pull the backing paper towards you, section by section. Each time you remove a section of backing paper smooth it out with your cloth. Add head as you go, like you did in Step 4

We recommend the graphic is not walked on for at least 8 - 12 hours so the adhesive can fully key to the floor area. Also, please do not clean the area with any wax-based polishes.