Floor Stickers

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Government advice has been to keep 2 meters apart in public from people who are not part of your household. Customark has created a range of social distancing floor stickers of varied sizes to place in line with Government advice; this allows you to make sure consumers or employees are adhering to instruction in your place of work. We suggest placing these stickers two metres apart in areas where people are likely to stand close such as queues, assembly lines and aisles; this will encourage people to stand on the stickers, apart from each other. We have created a collection of stickers with multiple designs to choose from, as well as different materials and lifespan options; all are heavy-duty and anti-slip.

The Customark ‘Social Distancing Floor Graphics’ range includes a variety of 'stand apart and keep your distance', anti-slip designs, all available with up to an R12 non-slip safety rating, making them ideal for supermarkets, pharmacy's, doctor's surgeries, factories and hospitals. As the country moves into a new normal, these stickers will become a regular feature of all shops, restaurants and other public spaces and are therefore an essential item for all businesses. We have also created a range dedicated to children aimed to be friendly and reassuring while keeping them safe.

We offer two different types of lifespan on our social distancing floor stickers: Long term indoor/short term outdoor and long term outdoor. You can find more information on the materials and timespan in each product page shown below.

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COVID-19 Rules 1 Pop Up Banner and 50 Graphics Bundle

COVID-19 Rules 2 Pop Up Banners and 100 Graphics Bundle

Features of our Social Distancing Stickers Range

We have made sure all our social distancing floor stickers are available with up to an R12 non-slip safety rating, certified with DIN 51130 and BGR 181. You may, therefore, use our stickers in a range of public and working areas safe in the knowledge that they will not cause a health and safety issue. The anti-slip properties come in both our long term indoor, short term outdoor and long-term outdoor stickers. Our long term indoor and short term outdoor has a non-slip rating of R11 while our long term outdoor stickers have the R12 class.

Hard Wearing

Customark has created two versions of each design to suit different work areas and public places. We offer long term indoor/short term outdoor and long-term outdoor stickers which vary in durability.

Long term Indoor

These social distancing floor graphics are perfect for shops, supermarkets, libraries, hairdressers, factories, and any other indoor businesses that require social distancing. The product is made from a permanent non-slip vinyl, this can be up to 12 months with subject to footfall. The graphics are scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Short-term outdoor

Our short-term outdoor stickers can be placed in construction sites and used at events outside as these places will not be permanent fixtures. These stickers are made from a permanent non-slip vinyl for short term outdoor use for up to 3-6 months. How long the graphic lasts are subject to footfall.

Long term Outdoor

These floor graphics work well in garden centres, outside shops and takeaway where queues to enter occur, petrol stations and elsewhere. Due to their hard-wearing qualities, they will be able to withstand weather conditions for a long time and are therefore perfect for outdoor businesses wishing to follow government guidelines. The product is made with a white permanent non-slip vinyl which can last up to 12 months, subject to footfall. The graphics are scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Fire Safety

We have ensured that our labels are fire resistant with our long-term indoor and short-term outdoor social distancing floor stickers possessing an ISO3795:1989 fire rating and our long-term outdoor stickers being fire-rated according to DIN EN-13501-1.

Fast Delivery

Due to our four locations across the country, the West Midlands, Cambridge, Wiltshire and Oxford, we are proud of our fast delivery times, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. We deliver between 7-10 days. This is after manufacturing your label to the highest possible standard with quality checks throughout the process.

We also offer a range of shipping methods within the UK to make the transaction as easy as possible for our customers:

• FREE Delivery (UK Mainland Only) – Otherwise Charged as Stated
• Pre 12 pm Delivery After Agreed Lead Time (UK Mainland Only)
• Pre 10:30 am Delivery After Agreed Lead Time (UK Mainland Only)

We also ship outside the UK; prices vary from country to country and you will be made aware at the point of checkout.

Easy to Place

We make sure that all our social distancing floor graphics come with a free application squeegee and instructions. We want to make application as easy as possible for you and are also available to contact if you have any issues.

The vinyl is structured so it can be applied to most type of floorings and stay in the required place. If you have any questions about a specific type of flooring, again, we are easily contactable and here to help.

Specifications of our Social Distancing Stickers Range

We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes for our social distancing floor stickers. See our general specifications below:

Size Range: 300mm-1000mm width 100mm-500mm height

Printed Sides: Single-Sided

We offer different priced stickers to suit any budget from our more affordable range, starting at £7.50 each, to our premium social distancing stickers priced at £12 each; these prices are excluding both VAT and Shipping Costs. Our long-term outdoor stickers are slightly more expensive due to the materials needed ranging from £15.50 to £37.50. We operate a scheme whereby the greater the number of stickers ordered, the less you’ll pay per social distancing floor graphic.

We don’t specify a minimum order at Customark, we are happy to deliver just one social distancing sticker if this is what you require.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your durable, scratch-resistant, waterproof and slip-resistant with Customark today or contact us for more information at or phone us on 01384 264700 and our friendly sales team will contact you.